The beauty of nature in the Fljt region (Fljt = river)

Fljt is the northernmost settlement in Skagafjrur and is situated on the eastern side of the fjord, around 30 km from Hofss. At Ketils you will find a supermarket and gas station, as well as the local community centre. Slgarar has a swimming pool as well as a camping site. Tourism services are also available at Bjarnagil, Brnastair and Deplar. Fishing permits can be obtained.

On the coast is the old town site of Haganesvk and the sea lake Miklavatn. Historically Fljt had a thriving fishing industry which has now virtually disappeared. It is only a short drive from Fljt to Siglufjrur through the Strkagng tunnel, or to lafsfjrur over the Lgheii.

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