Cosy village life and great historical exhibitions

Hofss, once the main trade centre in Skagafjrur has over 400 years of history. The lower town near the harbour has a particularly cosy atmosphere. Here you will find the Immigration museum that houses an interesting and informative exhibition about the mass migration of Icelanders to North America in the late 18th century. The old warehouse built in 1772 is one of the oldest examples of timber buildings still standing in Iceland.

A new and extremely impressive swimming pool was opened in Hofss in 2010 which has become a great tourist attraction. There are a number of activities on offer as well as services for tourists including a supermarket, restaurant, accommodation, workshops and a kick field just to name a few. There is a lovely walk down through the old town, over the pedestrian bridge over the river Hofs. It is also well worth your while to spend some time at the emigration museum and walking around soaking in the lovely village atmosphere.

Within walking distance, near the estuary for the river Grafar, you will find the remains of an old trading centre dating from 1835. Not be missed on your visit to Hofss, are the amazing basalt formations which are located on the coast just below the town at Staarbjargavik. It is said that the capital of the elves in Skagafjrur is located in this area.

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