The largest service centre in North West Iceland

Saurkrkur, with a population of around 2600, provides a diversity of services, accommodation, restaurants, shopping, exhibitions, museums, camping facility, night spots, swimming pool, health centre and workshops to name a few. The new sports arena in the middle of the town, south of the swimming pool also doubles as a full sized football field. The exhibition centre at Aalgata hosts an exhibit of the old workshops from times gone by.

The hills above the town were previously the foreshore of the fjord. Above the town near the cemetery is a viewing platform that provides wonderful views of the old town, the countryside and out to the fjord. There you will also find allotments used by the towns' people for their sheep, if you are here during spring time you can see the young lambs and foals. The golf course (9 holes) is considered one of the best in Iceland. The name of the town draws its name from the river Sau (Sheep river) krkur (hook) i.e. Sheepriverhook. In the valley of Sau (sheep river) is Litli Skgur (little forest), which has wonderful little walkways through birch and beech trees and is a lovely place to have a picnic.

The store Verslun Haraldur Jlussonar is on Aalgata (Main Street) and has been in business since 1919. When you enter the store you feel as if you are entering another era... the longs lost time of the general store.

To the east of Saurkrkur are the town sands (Borgarsandur), a four kilometre long stretch of beach where you can spend your time building sand castles, take long walks and play with the children. A little further south, near shildarholtsvatn, at the right time of year, you will find an abundance of divergent birdlife. The area has signage to inform of the species and varieties to be found there. From Saurkrkur it takes about half an hour to get to Varmahl, Hlar in Hjaltadalur, Hofss or Grettislaug, and for winter guests the ski area at Tindastll is only 15 minutes away.

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