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Trllaskagi peninsula, located between Skagafjrur and Eyjafjrur is a large mountainous area 120 km long and 60km wide. Trllaskagi is increasing in popularity as an outdoor recreational area with hikers, mountaineers and horse riders. Many of the mountain peaks are over 1200 m above sea level, the tallest is Kerling 1538 m. Some small glaciers are in the valleys and mountains. There are many historical trails on Trllaskagi, including Heljardalsheii, Hjaltadalsheii, Hlamannavegur, Svarfdlalei and Tungnahryggslei.

Hlar University College in collaboration with a number of others has produced a hiking map 1:50.000 of Trllaskagi on which the hiking trails have been marked, both long and short, along with detailed information for the traveller.

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