Pearls to the south in Skagafjrur

Austurdalur is 50 km long and heads into the inland highlands of Iceland. The valley is most certainly a pearl of nature and deserves closer inspection. The river Austur-jkuls (East-glacial river) runs through the valley creating spectacular canyons, gorges and cliffs. The river is one of the best in Europe for river rafting. There is one bridge over the river as well as a hand operated cable car near Skatastair. It is also possible to walk from Merkigil to the church at br. Pedestrian bridges are at bjar and Tinn, the touring club of Skagafjrur has a hikers hut at Hildarsel. Austurdalur is a unique place to go riding, hiking or on a trail bike.

There is easy access to the interior highlands from Skagafjrur both over Kjlur and Sprengisandur.

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