Laufsklartt in Hjaltadalur is the most popular horse corral in the land; every year it hosts a total of three thousand guests. The Laufsklartt weekend begins on Friday night with lots of fun in the riding hall at Svaastum. On Saturday, the horses are herded out of Kolbeinsdalur valley and corralled, and then at night there is a popular dance party. Laufsklartt happens in the last weekend in September.


Friday, September 28

20:30 The weekend festivities start in the riding hall at Svaastair, in Saurkrkur. The horsemen and breeders in Skagafjrur get together to entertain the guests with great horses and music. Very lively and fun evening in the great company of locals from Skagafjrur who are known for their hospitality and passion for singing.

Saturday, September 29

11:30 Hundreds of horses come over the mountain and form a line, for as far as the eye can see, on their way to Laufsklartt.

13:00 Watch the breeders go through the hundreds of horses and "escort" them to their corral. It's fascinating to see how they can pick out their horses from the herd, how they know their black horse from all the other black horses. You will hear the echo's of Icelanders singing all around the area, where they celebrate the annual round-ups.

Night In the evening after the round-ups, people get together in several places around Skagafjrur to party and celebrate. Among these places are the riding hall Svaastair wherer there is a big dance ball, Mlifell in Saurkrkur, and Migarur cultural house and Htel Varmahl - both in the town of Varmahl.

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