History awaits you at the Sturlungar saga trail

Sturlunga TrailOne of the most tumultuous eras in Icelandic history, named Sturlungald, was in the 13th century; characterized by fierce clashes between the ruling clans in the country. In Skagafjrur you can find places where the Sturlungar who ruled most of west and north Iceland fought the sbirningar family, who ruled in Skagafjrur, and the Haukdlir who ruled in southern Iceland. Great battles were fought at places called rlygsstair and Haugsnes and acts of terror were carried out, such as when the Flugumri Manor was set on fire and people burned to death.

At these places there are information signs that highlight historical events that occured there. You can buy a historical map that will guide you around historical places and tell you more about them. We also offer a history book for children with drawings that can be colored. The " Sturlungasl" foundation offers guided tours for small and big groups on order. Please contact sturlungaslod@sturlungaslod.is - www.sturlungaslod.is.

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