Drangey Music Festival - where the roads ends

Drangey Music Festival - where the roads ends
Drangey island and Reykir, Reykjastrnd

A brand new and exciting music festival will take place in Reykir, Reykjastrond, Saturday June 27th 2015. The festival, Drangey Music festivalis held where the road ends and the view of Drangey island is the best.The festival is a collaboration between Drangeytours and the people who created the Braedslan music festival in Borgarfjrur eystri on the east coast of Iceland.

The concert will take place on an outdoor stage in spectacular nature. Performing at the festival are some of Icelands largest musical talents; Emiliana Torrini, Jonas Sig, the local blues rock band Contalgen Funeral and Magni Asgeirsson.The concert starts at 21:00 and included in the ticket price is camping and a tour in the Grettislaug, geothermal natural pool.

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