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There are few places where museums and exhibits have flourished as in Skagafjrur, which has a rich cultural heritage and an abundance of historical sites. The Skagafjrur Heritage Museum engages in exhibitions, conservation and research. In the old turf farmhouse at Glaumbr, the museum has for over half a century been showing visitors what 18th- and 19th-century life was like in rural Iceland. There are also numerous other institutions and exhibits which are interesting to visit, for example the Icelandic Emigration Centre in Hofss, the Vimrarkirkja turf church near the village of Varmahl, the Minjahsi museum in Saurkrkur, the Skagafjrur Transport Museum and the historical bishops seat of Hlar in Hjaltadalur valley.

Glaumbaer turf farmhouse Glaumbr Turf Farmhouse

The Heritage House The Heritage House

The Icelandic Emigration Center

The Icelandic Emigration Center

Vimri Turf Church Vimri Turf Church

Skagafjordur Transportation Museum Skagafjrur Transportation Museum


Icelandic Horse ExhibitionThe Icelandic Horse History Centre

Sturlungar Saga Trail Sturlungar Saga Trail

The Tannery Visitor Centre The Tannery Visitor Centre

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