Tourist Information Centers in Skagafj÷r­ur

Tourist Information Center in VarmahlÝ­

The Tourist Information Center in Varmahlid is open all year around. There you can obtain maps, books of photographs, and brochures on the following attractions, and more:

  • Skagafj÷r­ur''s outdoor activities, entertainment, accomodation, and eating establishments
  • The turf farmstead exhibition af GlaumbŠr
  • North Iceland museums
  • The Hˇlar history trail, stone church, and buildings of turf, logs and staves
  • Centre for History of the Icelandic Horse
  • Icelandic Emigration Centre

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Tourist Information Center in Sau­ßrkrˇkur

The Tourist Information Center in Sau­ßrkrˇkur at the Minjah˙s Exhibition Center is open from 13-19 from June to August.

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