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The Skagafjrur region is home to a large variety of birds, hundreds and thousands of which nest in the islands of Drangey, Mlmey and Lundey.The wetlands on the mainland are without a doubt some of the most important bird habitats in Iceland. Many birds nest in the area while others use it as a stop over point during their migratory periods. Parts of the marshland are now nature reserves for birds and the nature reserve near Miklavatn and Borgarskgar are listed in Bird Life International as one of Europes most significant bird habitats.

Skagafjrur is a paradise for bird-watchers. In some areas there are small pockets where seabirds, waders, field birds, passerines, grouse as well as birds of prey nest.Conditions for bird watching are also very good.There are four bird watching centres near Saurkrkur whith signs bearing information about the many varieties of birds to be found in the area.

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  • Drangey Tours

    There is a diverse variety of birds to be seen at Reykir and Drangey. On the island puffins are the most famous but guillemots, Brnnichs guillemot, razor-billed auks, kittiwakes, ravens and falcons also make this their nesting ground. The sound that comes from all these diverse species is incomparable.

  • Sailing in Skagafjrur

    Skagafjrdur region is a renowned place regarding bird life to the point that the area has become a real referencefor bird enthusiastics.Hundreds of Puffins chose the islands Mlmey and Drangey to nest during the Summer so we get to meet a lotduring the season, on our sailing tours.

    By the ocean,large colonies of Eider ducks can also be spotted, along with Razorbills, Arctic Terns, Guillemots, and many other sea birds. Join the Fun!

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