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Skagafj÷r­ur offers many possibilities for bird hunting and angling.áThere is excellent fishing in many lakes and rivers, and lakes on the Skagi peninsula are particularly popular with anglers. Sea angling is also available, as well as hunting for guillemot, goose or rock ptarmigan. And of course there is always the classic family pastime of fishing from the seashore or jigging a line off the pier.

Tour operators

  • Drangey Tours

    We offer sea angling tours for individuals and groups suitable for all ages.á Rich fishing grounds are within a short distance from base at Reykir and we can also start the tour from Sau­ßrkrˇkur town harbor upon request.

    The angling tour is a minimum of 1 hour, duration of tours and departure times are variable upon customer request and availabity.

  • Sea Angling

    SEA ANGLING: Catch your own meal from the ocean.á We have the fishing rod and the equipment.á You only have to order the sea angling and decide how long time you want the angling take and enjoy. áyou could catch and go with your own catch home.

  • Autumn bird hunting in North Iceland

    Autum bird hunting in Northern Iceland

    The Bakkafl÷t Travel serviceá operates a short autumn Bird hunting season each year. We mainly hunt for Goose, Ducks and seabirds.

    Goose hunting season opens on August 20th. The ideal time For Hunting is around September 10th when the birds come to the lowlands from the mountains seeking a warmer and calmer weather.

    Bakkafl÷t have an agreement with a large number of local land owners in the skagafijor region so we are able to gain access to the prime hunting spots within a 30 minute drive of the Bakkafl÷t base. Most of the hunting take place in corn fields early in the morning. á

    Bakkaf÷t can provide all equipment and transport need for your trip. Yo have to provide your own Gun,ammunition,clothing and of course the hunting spiritá Most of our guest prefer to combine a goose hunting trip with a few days hunting puffin & Guillemot on the sea.

    You can also find us in Facebook at Hunting in Iceland

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