Geothermal Pools

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Geothermal Baths

Iceland is famous for its many geothermal Hot Springs and overflow of natural hot water, and of course Skagafjrur is host to some of this geothermal Hot Springs.

We are proud to have several beautiful natural Hot Springs here in Skagafjrur, all at beautiful places. So if you want to enjoy a bath in a natural Hot Spring and overlook the ocean, or sit on the edge of a waterfall while enjoying a bath in a Hot Spring, then this is the place!

Swimming Pools

Whilst on holidays, going swimming is both refreshing and relaxing, during the summer months all seven swimming pools, located throughout the district are open. Swimming pools are located in Saurkrkur, Hofss, Varmahl, Steinsstair, Bakkaflt, Hlar and Slgarar.The ones in Saurkrkur, Hofssand Varmahl are open all year round.If you just want to relax you will find that all pools have natural hot tubs for you to relax in after a good site-seeing tour around the fjord.

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