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Skagafjrur has played a significant role in the history of Iceland since settlement. The region boasts a rich saga heritage and many significant historical sites.

These include many sites of important historical events that occurred in the early years of Icelandic settlement, events that had a significant influence on the development of Icelandic society and politics.Being home to a strong ecclesial authority, monasteries and Episcopal see; which for many centuries was the second most powerful centre of authority in Iceland; had a significant impact on the culture in Skagafjrur.

More information regarding the history of Skagafjrur can be foundhere,and the Saga map of North West Iceland can be purchased at the tourist information centres and most stores in the region.The map is available in English and Icelandic.

Tour operators

  • Glaumbr Museum
    Opening hours
    April 1st - May 19th:10:00 - 16:00, monday-friday.
    May 20th - September 20th:9:00 - 18:00, daily.
    September 21st - October 20th:10:00 - 16:00, monday-friday.
    October 21st - March 31st:Open monday-friday by request.

    For more than half a century the Skagafjrur Heritage Museum has presented an exhibition in the turf farmhouse of Glaumbr. Within the authentic buildings, everyday tools are displayed in their natural environment, bearing witness to vanished times and the daily activities of people in Iceland's past.

  • Vimrarkirkja

    Open daily from 09:00-18:00, between June 1st - August 31st.

    Vimrarkirkja church is one of Iceland's very few turf churches to have been preserved. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was uncertainty about even its fate, but gradually people realised how invaluable it was as a cultural asset. The Keeper of National Antiquities himself, Matthas rarson, took the initiative towards protecting the church, which was eventually purchased by the state and placed under the oversight of the National Museum. Vimri Church is still in use as a parish church.

  • The Transportation Museum

    The Transportation museum in Strageri Skagafiri is a car and auto museum that was founded in 26. of June 2004. The museum is open all days from 11-18 from 1.st of June to 30.st of September. We have around 100 show pieces in 1400 sq.ft showroom and around 300 autos outside in both good and bad condition along with all the historical pieces that connects with the Icelandic history of transportation. Our oldest car is from 1923 and youngest is from 2003. We offer both coffee and refreshments and in our dining room we have space for 60-70 people. The museum is located 13 km south of small town called Hofss.

    We welcome you to our fascinating environment on the most beautiful place on earth, Skagafjrur.

  • Ltingsstair - The Old Stable

    Inspired by the long history of the farm Ltingsstair, a horse stable and a storage room was built here in 2015. The two gabled houses combine turf, stones and wood, and they are masterpieces of traditional, even if nowadays very rare, Icelandic craftsmanship. Lets tell you the story of how horses were kept on farms in the old days, and have a look at the display featuring old tools, tack and other items connected with horses and farming.

    Opening times: The stable is open daily from start of May until end of September, other times of year on request.

    Entrance fee for adults, free entry for children under 12.

  • The Emigration Center

    Enjoyable and instructive exhibitions in three splendid buildings byHofss' harbor.

    The exhibitions trace the history of Icelanders' emigration to North America.

  • The Icelandic Horse History Centre

    The Icelandic Horse History Centre tells you the of horses and horsemanship in Iceland in an exhibition innovatively combining artefacts and information technology.

    Opening hours (Summer 2017):

    June 1st - August 31st: daily 09:00 - 18:00

Contact Us

Tel(+354) 455 6161

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