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There are a number of places in Skagafjrur that offer visits and tours around their stud farms. On these visits you get to experience the way of daily works that goes into breeding & owning horses in Iceland. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Icelandic Horse and especially their history and influence of the life of people here in Skagafjrur.
On this visits you'll get the chance to get near the horses, experience their natural charm. Also you'll see them showing off their 5 gaits and their natural beauty they show under their riders.

Tour operators

  • Varmilkur - Horse Shows

    Icelandic Horseshows at Varmilkur

    Experience the spirit of the North, Icelandic horse in Skagafjrur.

    The popular horse shows"Meet The Icelandic Horse"are at Varmilkur. The Icelandic horse, the most useful and faithful servant and friend through the centuries, is introduced and made familiar, his history told and extraordinary qualities pointed where the guests get in touch with the horse and daily life on a typical horse breeding farm.

    We offer thehorse showsfor groups. For bookings and further information contact: Magnea Gumundsdttir, Varmilkur, 560 Varmahl, SkagafjrurTel: +354 898 7756and+354 453
    The horse farm Varmilkur Hrossarktarb is located8 kmsouth of Varmahli in Skagafjrur. The farmers are Bjrn Sveinsson and Magnea K. Gumundsdttir who have bred, trained, and sold horses and served tourists fordecades. Many very good horses have come from Varmilkur through the years. At Varmilkur there is always a wide selection of horses for sale.
    Welcome to Hrimnishllin at Varmilkur

  • Ltingsstair - Horses & Heritage

    On our farm Ltingsstair we breed horses and offer touristic services such as riding tours, accommodation and the popular program Horses&Heritage.

    Horses&Heritage is available for smaller and larger groups and contains a multimedia presentation about the history of the Icelandic horse and its meaning for Icelands culture and heritage. After the presentation guests can step inside our OLD STABLE built from turf and experience how horses were kept on farms during the old days. Beside the stable is a storage room where we have a display featuring old tools, tack and other items connected with horses and farming.

    Horses & Heritage runs every Tuesday evening in the summer and on request all year round for groups and as a guided day tour from Akureyri, see for more information.

  • Flugumri - Horse shows

    A horse show and farm visit for 1H - 1H30, depending on the group's schedule.
    The family will introduce the Icelandic horse and show its versatility in action.It differs from other races of horses in that it has five gaits: apart from the walk, trot and jump there are the tolt and the flying pace.

    You will be shownsome of the results of the family's horse breeding as well as gaining an insight into the daily life on an ordinary Icelandic farm. You will get a short presentation of the history of the Icelandic horse and its importance in modern Iceland. Also a brief history of the farm and how its name is connected to the first horse race known to have been held in the country.

    - Included: Coffee or tea and homemade biscuits and bread.
    - Light lunch available on request.

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