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Not surprisingly the Icelandic horse has admirers in all regions of the world. Unlike other breeds the Icelandic horse has remained pure due to its isolation and has as such kept a variety of features that keep it unique and gained it worldwide praise.

Skagafjordur is one of the best known destinations for riders in Iceland, the region is often called the cradle of Icelandic horsemanship. Here the history of the relationship between man and horse has been interwoven from time immemorial. Many key ancestors of the Icelandic breed were born and raised here and many renowned horse breeders make their home here.

There are a number of operators in Skagafjordur offering horse riding tours of various lengths for every level of expertise. You can also visit the breeders and see riding demonstrations/information and help with genealogy and other studies.

Tour operators

  • Hestasport - Activity Tours

    Hestasport offers a wide variety of tours to suit anyone from fanatical horse enthusiasts to first-time riders, with the additional possibility to stay one or more nights at our cottages, with magnificent views overlooking the vast plains and distant mountains of the Skagafjrur valley.

    We offer short riding tours from one hour up to day tours and we also have long riding tours in to the highlands. Take a look around and find the tour thats best for you!

  • Iceland Horse Tours (Helluland)

    At our farm Helluland we offer horse tours. It does not matter whether you are beginners or advanced riders, whether you come alone or as a group, andyou can also choose between short and long tours - we will design a trip tailored according to yourindividual needs!

    And, if you have any questions: We are looking forward to answering them!

    Andrs Magnsson and Luka Dreiner

  • Langhus - Horse Tours

    Tailor-suited ( personalized ) horse tours with a local farmer in the beautiful nature by Langhus farm. Well trained talented horses, both for beginners and experienced riders. We offer both short tours and day tours, easy tours and challenging tours. This is the place if you want a personal unique experience with the Icelandic horse in the nature and culture that shaped these beloved horses.

  • Ltingsstair - Horse Tours

    Just 20 km away from Varmahl on road #752 you will find our peaceful farm where we share our home with the Icelandic horse.

    Ltingsstair offers shorter and longer riding tours:

    - 1-5 hour tours through a beautiful landscape with mountains, rivers and over wide grazing land. All year around.

    - One week riding tours through magnificent landscape, with sightseeing and other activities during the summer

    - Stop & Ride: Best option for a short stay over (accommodation in farm cottage and 2 hour riding tour). Available all year around.

    Experienced riders and beginners are welcome, we have suitable horses for every demand.

    Ltingsstair is a fully licensed riding holiday company, operating since the year 2000, welcoming you with warm hospitality and a personal atmosphere.

  • Syra-Skrugil - Horse Tours

    We offer you a great selection of horses in our horse rental, both for beginners and advanced riders. In our rental you can choose from 1 hour trip up to 4 hour trip.

    Our specialty is the ride to the Museum of Glaumbr. Ride to Glaumbr, take your time looking outside and inside the museum and after that we offer you some coffee and cakes in skaffi which is a coffee house located in Glaumbr. Great experience.

    Long riding tours: We also offer a great selection of long riding tours. Then we ride for few days around our beautiful Skagafjrur. For further information check out our website.

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