The Icelandic Farm Animals

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Our farms are in Skagafj÷r­ur, North Iceland, 18 km south of the village VarmahlÝ­ on road number 752. Our farms have a distance of about 1,5 km to each other.
Distance Sau­ßrkrˇkur 45 km, Akureyri 100 km, ReykjavÝk 300 km. Road 752 goes further on to the Sprengisandur highland route. The Kj÷lur mountain track is also very close, just behind the landmark mountain MŠlifellshnj˙kur.

  • WHEN

Farmers are always on duty and therefore it is possible to visit us all year around. But to make sure that we all have time to welcome you we prefer that you contact us (via Facebook message or phone) and make an appointment.

  • WHAT

You can choose to visit all three of our farms or just one or two. When we make an appointment with you we will tell you on which farm you start and where you go next. You simply drive between our farms and meet us there at the agreed time. The visit on every farm takes about 30 minutes.


- Meeting the Icelandic settlement goats at the farm Stˇrholl and having a look into Sigr˙ns handcraft gallery.

- Meeting the Icelandic horses at Lřtingssta­ir and visiting The Old Stable, a turf house exhibition on the farm.

- Meeting the Icelandic sheep at S÷lvanes and get to know what makes it so outstanding since the time of the settlement.


Visiting all three farms cost 3.500 ISK per adult. Minimum 2 adults per booking. Children up to 12 years are free of charge.áSingle travelers can ask for an option, don't hesitate to contact us!


Sigr˙n - Stˇrholl
Evelyn Ţr - Lřtingssta­ir
EydÝs - S÷lvanes


Facebook:áThe Icelandic Farm Animals
Instagram:áIcelandic Farm Animals
Phone: (+354) 893 3817
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-19:00



  • Lřtingssta­ir - The Old Stable

    Hello I'm Evelyn Ţr, participating with my farm Lřtingssta­ir in this project.
    I'm German but I have been living here on the farm since 1995 and my life is dedicated to the Icelandic horse.
    Lřtingssta­ir is a horse and holiday farm and I live here with my family, a big herd of horses, sheep and dogs. We offer accommodation in wooden cottages and horseback riding tours.á
    I sometimes have some extraordinary ideas and in summer 2015 a turf house -a stable- was built on the farm.á
    I suggest visiting The Old Stable and listening to my program Horses & Heritage which I have designed to introduce to the story of the Icelandic horse, its history and the services the horses have done for their people and the country. Welcome to Lřtingssta­ir!

  • S÷lvanes - Sheep Stable

    Hi, I'm EydÝs,

    My farm S÷lvanes is a traditional sheep farm where I live with my family, our 300 sheep and other farm animals.
    We offer cosy accommodation in the Old Farm House, and meals of our own produce.áWe also have hiking paths with stunning views right on our doorstep!á
    Daily visits to the sheep barn for our guests and others available on request. I would be happy to introduce the Icelandic settlement sheep to you.á

    Welcome to S÷lvanes!

  • Stˇrhˇll (R˙nalist) - Icelandic goats and handcraft

    Hello I'm Sigr˙n Helga, participating with my farm Stˇrhˇll in the project äThe Icelandic Farm Animalsô

    I am an artist, living on the small farm Stˇrhˇll with my big family, a group of pretty and rare Icelandic Settlement goats, sheep, ducks, hens, horses, dogs and cats.

    In my art gallery R˙nalist you will find my own handicrafts made of natural materials from my own farm, like Icelandic wool, goat hides, horns and bones. I also offer wool and sewing workshops.

    We are members in the Icelandic farmers association äFarm Food Directô (Beint frß břli) who sell their food and products directly to their customers. We offer meat from Icelandic lambs and goats, eggs from ducks and the Icelandic settlement hens.

    I suggest visit our friendly settlement goats that are in danger of extinction, see the ducks look at you with one eye, hear the rooster crow and watch the dog trying to catch the cat.

    Visit us, get a good experience and find yourself a real Icelandic souvenir! Welcome to Stˇrhˇll!

Contact Us

Tel (+354) 455 6161

It's a Short Distance to Anywhere

Akureyri - Skagafjordur 118 km

Reykjavik - Skagafjordur 290 km

Egilsstadir - Skagafjordur 383 km


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