Things to do in Skagafjordur North Iceland

Skagafjrur is truly a land of adventure for all! Offering a wide variety of activities set in beautiful surroundings.

Whether you wish to go white water rafting down foaming glacial rivers; helicopter skiing on the Trllaskagi mountain range; horse riding in an amazing and unique landscape; sailing to the majestic island of Drangey; delve into history through this saga rich region; relax in a natural hot spring; enjoy the magic of the northern lights in the winter stillness; indulge in excellent food prepared from local produce... or just lay back and relax and enjoy the stay - there are many diverse accommodation options available for you to choose from.

Skagafjrur is the destination for you.

Everyone can find something to their liking in Skagafjrur, the adventure is just beginning!


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  • If you want to experience Skagafjrur with a personal guide, you have many different tours and categories to choose from.You can experience a nice stroll to the town of Saurkrkur and learn all abo...
  • Skagafjrur has many varied and beautiful walking trails, be it for short hikes and light outdoor activities or longer more challenging treks for the more experienced hikers. It is riveting to see S...
  • The tourism service at Bakkaflt is located on route 752, 11km from Varmahl. Accommodation is available in 20 rooms and 2 summerhouses. Breakfast and dinner are also available on site along with ...

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