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Where to eatWhile travelling, tourists increasingly seek out local foods. The menus of Skagafjörđur restaurants include many delectable dishes based on the district’s culinary traditions. The restaurants are using ingredients - particularly fish, meat, bread and dairy products - from local producers and processors.

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  • The tourism service at Bakkaflöt is located on route 752, 11km from Varmahlíđ.   Accommodation is available in 20 rooms and 2 summerhouses. Breakfast and dinner are also available on site along with ...
  • Guesthouse Hofsstađir is located east side of Skagafjörđur and is offering a magnificent panoramic view over the fjord and pristine nature. The midnight sun in summer and Northern Lights in the winter...
  • At Sauđárkrókur village, N1 offers self-service petrol, a selection of essential groceries and other articles, and a café with assorted food and drink. N1 is one of Iceland?s largest retail and servic...
  • Should you be in the mood for something extra special drop in and try our traditional Icelandic delicacies such as our cream or sugared pancakes, traditional Icelandic donuts (kleinur) or a variety of...
  • The bakery in Sauđárkrók is situated on the main street (Ađalgata) in the old part of town. We have a large selection of good breads and cakes, as well as a selection of ready made sandwiches and rol...
  • We offer light refreshments in our cosy little café situated near the shoreline. Admission into the pools, boat trips, sea fishing and accommodation are all catered to from here.  Summer opening hou...
  • Hard Wok Cafe prides itself by cooking good food with the freshest of ingredients with an asian influence.  We also make great italian style pizzas and excellent hamburgers.

  • The restaurant at Hotel Varmahlíđ is well known for quality food and emphasis is made on using local fresh ingredients, from the “Skagafjörđur’s food chest”. Come and taste Icelandic horse meat or en...
  • Kaffi Krókur is one of the most remarkable houses of Sauđárkrókur. It was built in 1887-1890 and was the sheriff's house at first. The house burnt down in January 2008 and was renovated and opened aga...
  • KS Varmahlíđ offers both a Fast Food Restaurant and a grocery shop.

    Opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00 (kitchen closes at  21:00)

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