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Brekkukot is well situated on ring road nr.1, in the beautiful countryside Skagafjordur North Iceland. Where the birds sing and sheep and cows are gracing in nearby fields. Magnificent view and farmland are all around and prospective guests can enjoy traditional farming, sitting on the terrace of the house. Amazing view over the fjord in the midnight sun in summer and watching the Northern Lights in the winter is spectacular in Brekkukot. The house is fully equipped with all the equipment and amenities needed to experience and enjoy the peace and quiet. The house has been fully renovated inside and outside. Accommodation for 10 people. Made up beds. Base for breakfast included in the rent and free WIFI.

An ideal place for families or small groups.

I warmly welcome you to my home Brekkukot.

A. Herds Sig

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Tel(+354) 455 6161

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