Drangey Guesthouse

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Drangey guesthouse is in the heart of Saurkrkur. Drangey guesthouse has four newly renovated comfortable rooms on the second floor at Aalgata 4.
The reservation is on the first floor with a gift shop and a beauty salon. At the guesthouse are shared equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. Free parking and Wifi.
The guesthouse is located within 100 meters from a restaurants, bakery and bars. Within few minutes walk you can find swimming pool, nice walk trails, the hubs above Saurkrkur, a harbour and seaside.
Saurkrkur is a beautiful place to visit all year around with a great summer and winter activity and a fantastic landscape and view.

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Tel(+354) 455 6161

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Akureyri - Skagafjrur 118 km

Reykjavik - Skagafjrur 290 km

Egilsstair - Skagafjrur 383 km


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