Frostastair Guesthouse

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Welcome to our cozy accommodation on a traditional sheep farm.

We are located by Route 76, 12 km from Varmahl.

We offer accommodation in our beautifully renovated yellow house. You can choose a studio apartment in the loft which sleeps up to three guests. The studio has a private bathroom as well as a fully equipped kitchenette and a cozy sofa corner. The view from the loft is fantastic. The other apartment in the house sleeps four guests in two separate bedrooms that share a bathroom. The two rooms can be rented separately. There is a new kitchen and a cozy living room with a beautiful view. Both apartments have fully made-up beds and towels.

Breakfast and/or dinner made by the family can be booked in advance. The dinner can be fish, lamb or vegetarian on request.

In the other house on the farm we offer a homestay in two bedrooms which share a bathroom. The guests have access to a cozy living room and a outdoor balcony. The bedrooms sleep two guests each. A homemade breakfast with the family is included. The homestay is only available in June, July and August.

This is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway to recharge and experience Skagafjrurs nature at its best. We also have extensive knowledge of the area and will gladly assist you with finding things to do in our neighbourhood.

We received a Guest Review Award 2018 from with the score 9.5 Exceptional and we are also Superhosts on Airbnb.

Welcome to our farm!

Hosts: Sara, Tti and Inga Dra

Telephone: (+354) 848-2020, (+354) 868-5050



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Tel(+354) 455 6161

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Akureyri - Skagafjrur 118 km

Reykjavik - Skagafjrur 290 km

Egilsstair - Skagafjrur 383 km


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