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We offer cozy accommodation at a fair price on a traditional sheep farm.
We are located by road 752, 21 km south of Varmahl.
Accommodation is available in a renovated older house, or in the farmers home. Fully made-up beds or sleeping bag accommodation.

In the separate older farmhouse there are 3 double rooms and one family room, shared bathroom and a kitchen. Microwave, gas broiler (barbeque) and a TV with a DVD.
In the family house are 2 double rooms and one family room with shared bathroom.

Dinner with the family, featuring local products can be booked in advance.

Walking tracks and beauty spots in the farmland, along the river Svart or to the hills above the farm. For a real hike try the summit of Maelifell or travel a bit further to the rural and peaceful Austurdalur.
Emphasis on a relaxing atmosphere. Farm animals such as sheep, horses, dogs, cats, hens, ducks and pigs nearby all summer.
Close to a horse rental, white water rafting and a nature bath.

Enjoy the icelandic countryside with us :)

Hosts: Eyds and Mni, Eln and Magns

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Tel(+354) 455 6161

Short Distance Everywhere

Akureyri - Skagafjrur 118 km

Reykjavik - Skagafjrur 290 km

Egilsstair - Skagafjrur 383 km


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