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A variety of accommodation options are available throughout Skagafjrur, from Camping Sites, Guesthouses, farm accomodations, Hotels or self contained accommodation in Vacation Homes or Mountain Huts to name a few.

Local Community Centres are also available for renting for larger groups, these often have camping facilities to offer as well.

Over the summer months between six to seven hundred beds are available, this does not include camping facilities and community halls.

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  • rgarur seats 100, kitchen, stages, dance floor and dressing rooms. Accommodation license is for 20 people.

  • Hfaborg seats 250 people. Kitchen, stage, dressing rooms and dance floor. There is one main hall and two lesser halls. Showers. The house has a liquor license...
  • Ketils can seat 150 has a kitchen, band stage and dance floor.

  • Ljosheimar seats 140 and has a dance floor, kitchen, hall and sleeping loft. The accommodation license is for up to 70 people. Can cater with little notice large groups for meals or coffee. Sleepin...
  • Melsgil seats 100. Kitchen, dance floor, stage and dressing rooms. Accommodation license for 20 people.

  • The community hall in Ripuhrepp can seat 100 people. Kitchen, stage, dressing rooms (limited), dance floor, drinks and accommodation license for 20 people....
  • Skagasel has a large hall, which seats 150-160 people; there is a dance floor and band stage. There is also a lesser hall in the house, kitchen, toilet and shower facilities. The house has an accomm...

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